Research Funding

Research Funding

Getting funding for your research idea can be a challenging process, but it is not impossible! Having a high-quality proposal will increase your chance of funding, so if you are new to research getting some help with writing the proposal and having it reviewed by an experienced researcher is a good idea. The research team is also important; if you are new to research yourself, having a co-applicant who is experienced can make a big difference, especially if they have been successful in attracting funding The most appropriate funding body to apply to will depend on the type of research, the clinical area, and the amount of funding that you require. Here are some useful sources of information on research funding:

  • CSP's research funding pages - This has information on the CSP’s research funding opportunities, and also a guide to seeking external funding
  • • Medical Research Charities. Some charities fund AHP-related research, for example Arthritis research UK, MS Society, Chest Heart & Stroke Association Scotland
  • • NHS. Some NHS boards have research funding opportunities, so it might be worth looking at your local board’s website, or contacting the R&D department e.g. NHS Grampian The North of Scotland hub facilitators will be happy to discuss research funding with you and/or put you in contact with researchers in your field who may be able to advise you The website will be regularly updated with information on funding opportunities.

Last updated 04/03/16